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Finland The Country Of White Lilies Ebook 26

Finland The Country Of White Lilies Ebook 26

Finland The Country Of White Lilies is a book by Grigory Petrov, a Russian priest and social activist who lived in the early 20th century. The book is a journalistic account of Finland's history, culture, and achievements, with a special focus on the role of Johan Vilhelm Snellman, a Finnish philosopher, statesman, and journalist who advocated for Finnish independence and national identity. The book was first published in Serbian in 1923, and then translated into many languages, including Bulgarian, Turkish, and Russian. The book was very popular among developing countries, especially Turkey, where it was praised by the first president of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who made it mandatory reading for public employees, students, and officers. The book was also influential in inspiring the Turkish War of Independence and the modernization of Turkey. The book's title refers to the white lilies that grow in Finland's lakes and symbolize the purity and beauty of the Finnish nation.

The book consists of 26 chapters, each describing a different aspect of Finland's history, culture, and achievements. Some of the topics covered in the book are:


  • The origins and history of Finland, from the ancient times to the modern era.

  • The geography and climate of Finland, and how they shaped the Finnish character and way of life.

  • The political and social development of Finland, from being a part of Sweden and Russia to becoming an independent and democratic republic.

  • The economic and industrial progress of Finland, from being a poor and backward country to becoming one of the most prosperous and advanced nations in the world.

  • The educational and cultural achievements of Finland, from having universal and equal suffrage to having one of the best educational systems and literary traditions in the world.

  • The artistic and scientific contributions of Finland, from having renowned composers, painters, architects, and writers to having Nobel laureates, inventors, and explorers.

  • The military and diplomatic successes of Finland, from defending its sovereignty and territory against foreign invasions to maintaining its neutrality and peace in the world.

  • The moral and spiritual values of Finland, from having a strong sense of patriotism, justice, honesty, and solidarity to having a deep respect for nature, human dignity, and freedom.

The book's main message is that Finland is an example of how a small and oppressed nation can rise to greatness through hard work, education, culture, and self-reliance. The book also emphasizes the importance of having a visionary leader like Snellman, who inspired and guided the Finnish people to achieve their national goals. The book praises Snellman's wisdom, courage, integrity, and devotion to his country. The book also compares Finland to other countries, especially Russia and Turkey, and highlights the differences and similarities between them. The book aims to educate and motivate the readers to learn from Finland's experience and apply it to their own countries.

Finland The Country Of White Lilies Ebook 26 is available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble . You can also download a PDF version from this link . If you are interested in learning more about Finland's history, culture, and achievements, this book is a great source of information and inspiration.


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