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Rajakesari Novel PDF Free Download

Rajakesari is a Tamil historical novel written by Gokul Seshadri. It is set in the 11th century CE during the reign of Rajaraja Chola, one of the greatest kings of the Chola dynasty. The novel revolves around a plot to assassinate the king by his enemies from the Chera kingdom, and how a loyal Chola soldier named Ambalavanar tries to foil their plans. The novel is rich in historical details, cultural aspects, and political intrigues of the Chola era.

The novel was first serialized in, a monthly web magazine, starting in 2004. It was later published as a book by Palaniappa Brothers in 2008. It is the first part of a trilogy that also includes Cherar Kottai and Udhayabanu Karmegam. The novel has received positive reviews from critics and readers alike for its authentic portrayal of the Chola period and its engaging narration.

Download File:

If you are interested in reading this novel, you can download it for free from the following link: [Rajakesari Novel PDF Free Download]. This is a legal and safe way to access the novel, as the author has given permission to share it online. You can also listen to the audiobook version of the novel, narrated by Deepika Arun, from this link: [Rajakesari Audiobook]. The audiobook is available on Storytel, a subscription-based service that offers unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks in various languages.

We hope you enjoy reading or listening to Rajakesari, a masterpiece of Tamil historical fiction. If you like this novel, you can also buy the printed version from this link: [Rajakesari Book]. This will help support the author and encourage him to write more such novels in the future.


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